Advantages of a Tactical Plate Carrier Designed For Rapid Deployment

A tactop plate carrier (often called a plate carrier or backpack armor unit) is a specially designed type of vests intended for quick and fast deployment by law enforcement and military personnel. They’re most frequently used in combination with other tactical gear, including body armor and modular assault packs. Their primary function is to provide the lightweight protection required by active duty and civilian personnel. In fact, they’re so well-designed that they’re often carried by service personnel and even some members of the armed forces. Their low-profile design enables them to be easily strapped on to the person carrying them.

Designed primarily for use under heavy duty combat load, vests like the original tactop series are composed of a hard protective layer as well as several layers of lightweight soft armor. This hard armor is known as Corrault, which is similar to the bulletproof vests deployed by our troops in war. The soft armor, known as plates, is generally a combination of Kevlar and carbon fiber. These are extremely durable and, when used in combination with the hard armor, provide excellent protection against most types of projectiles.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be caught by the police carrying a tactical vest with a tactop plate carrier intended for rapid deployment, they can be an excellent option for conceal carry weapon owners. Especially if you find yourself in situations where you need to stay in the line of fire and don’t have a vehicle of their own to flee to, the lightweight soft armor will keep you safe while still allowing you to rapidly deploy with your conceal carry weapon. Just be sure not to confuse a light tactical armor with the traditional Kevlar body armor found on many regular police gear bags and vests because the former is intended for quick deployment, while the latter is best used for heavier duty protection. Either way, both are excellent options for people looking to stay safe while in combat.