Tacticop Plate Carrier – Best Bulletproof Vest Insert

The Best Body Armor of Today is the Tactop Plate Carrier, and this is why it was designed by Armalite. Originally developed as a bulletproof vest, the company’s creation was intended to be the next generation of body armor. A team of scientists had developed a polymer’s solution that could be used in an armor that was bulletproof, but was also flexible and lightweight. Once the polymers were ready, they combined them with titanium to create a bulletproof vest that could handle the force of a handgun blast. The material they used for this solution was called Lithium Trioxide, which is also used in a number of high-tech gadgets today.

The next step to improving body armor was to make it bulletproof. After much research, the company successfully created the first level iv body armor. This was made by combining the material with a hard foam polymer that was formulated with a trigger mechanism that was multiplexed, meaning it had an alarm in case the wearer was shot. The material used in the next generation of body armor was developed by another group of scientists, and this time the material was called Graphitrene, and it was even stronger than the level iv body armor.

Today, the best body armor on the market is the Ballistic Armor System (BAS), and the material used in this system is called Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This material is incredibly tough, and it has been called the Perfect bulletproof vest because it is the most durable of all available materials. It is bulletproof, thermally stable, and its design offers a number of options for attachment to a user’s vest. This makes the ballistic armor system extremely customizable to any size user.